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Xavier Forul was a Master Thief hailing from Melisande. He was chosen to compete for the position as the King's Champion, but he was killed by the ridderak.


Xavier was a tall, slender, reed-thin man with thinning blond hair and a long face.


Xavier was a renowned thief, indicating that he was a talented liar and effacacious in stealth.


Throne of Glass

Xavier is selected to be a contestant in the competition to become the King of Adarlan's Champion. He introduces himself after Cain, stating that he is Master Thief of Melisande.

Little else is seen of Xavier until his body is discovered. Blood Wyrdmarks surround his body; his chest cavity has been opened, his internal organs devoured. There is a hole in the crown of his head; his brain is gone, and his face is shredded and contorted in a scream.

It is later revealed that Cain incapacitated Xavier, drew the sacrificial Wyrdmarks in the thief's blood, and offered him to the summoned ridderak.

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