Theodus Brullo was the Weapons Master in the Adarlan army for over thirty years and the judge of the King's Champion Tournament. Brullo trained many men of the Royal Guard, including Chaol Westfall.


Brullo is a stocky, balding man.


Brullo was a capable warrior and trainer, having trained Chaol the Captain of the Guard and Celaena along with the other champions. He was a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian and was not impressed appearances alone, saving his praise to those who prove themselves to him. He was extremely to those who earn his loyalty such as Chaol Westfall.


Throne of Glass

Brullo served as the weapons master in the glass castle and was in charge of training and overseeing the champions during the competition. He frequently praised Cain for his accomplishments, though Celaena also gained his attention.

Crown of Midnight

More to be added.

Heir of Fire

More to be added.

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