The Glass Palace is a castle and home of the late King of Adarlan. It is located in Adarlan, the capital of Adarlanian Empire, where it sits on a hill. The castle was destroyed in Queen of Shadows by Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.


The Glass Palace is made of reinforced glass atop of the original stone castle. It has ten spires that pierce the sky. In size, it is described as "gargantuan". It's a verticle city of shimmering, crystalline towers and bridges, chambers and turrets, domed ballrooms and long, endless hallways.

It cost a supposed kingdom's wealth to construct.


Celaena's Chambers

Celaena's chambers are a big set of rooms consisting of a bedroom with an attached bathing chamber and a dressing room, a small dining room, and a music and gaming room.

Each room is furnished in gold and crimson and the bedroom is also decorated with a huge tapestry hanging along a marble wall, with couches and deep-cushioned chairs scattered around in a tasteful manner.

The balcony overlooks a beautiful fountain in one of the palace gardens.

Throne Room

The throne room is where the Glass Throne sits. The floor is made out of red marble with white veins that illuminate in sunlight. Chandeliers and torches hang all around the room. There are no windows, only a wall of glass that looks out to the sky. There is a fireplace to the left that occupies most of one wall.

Royal Library

The door to the library is located in a long hallway. The twenty foot oak doors bear dragons that grow out of either side of the stone wall.

Inside, the library stretches far and wide so much that it looks dark despite the candelabras. The floor is made out of black and white marble and large mahogany tables with velvet chairs sit on the floor. There is also a fireplace and mezzanines, bridges, ladders and railings to access different levels of the library.

It is said that the library contains over a million books.

Secret Passages

under construction


under construction


Throne of Glass

Celaena Sardothien sees The Glass Palace for the first time since being in Endovier.


  • Due to the glass, it is possible that the architects built a cooling system into the Palace to counter the greenhouse effect that would occur, making the Palace unbearably hot.
  • The glass appears to be reinforced, as normal glass would likely shatter from the weight of the Palace itself.


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