Stevan was a Melisande man who served the King of Adarlan in his guard. Against his will, a Valg demon possessed Stevan.


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Work in progress


Queen of Shadows

Arobynn Hamel tells Aelin Ashryver Galathynius to bring him a Valg alive in return for his aid in Aedion Ashryver's rescue from the King of Adarlan. Aelin scouts Rifthold for a soldier who is under the least control by the Valg inhabiting him. After weeks of searching, Aelin settles on Stevan.

She and Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius capture him, and she is able to speak with the human Stevan, albeit with aggressive interruptions from the Valg. Stevan informs Aelin that he is from Melisande and that when the king recruited him he was told that the Wyrdstone Ring was part of the uniform. Aelin questions Stevan further, and learns that he has no family to return to nor the inclination to live, as he is ashamed at what the Valg has made him do. Aelin makes a deal with him.

On the night of the dinner at Arobynn's, Aedion escorts Stevan into the Assassin's Keep and into the torture cell. After dismissing Aedion and Rowan, Arobynn begins questioning Stevan. Within thirty minutes, Stevan stops withholding information and tells Arobynn how the ring controls its victims. He promises that he will remain silent about Aelin and Arobynn, but Aelin advises against this. Arobynn severs the finger the ring is on, thanks Stevan, and kills him.

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