Rourke Farran was a crime lord in Rifthold. He served as Ioan Jayne's second-in-command until Jayne's death, at which point Farran assumed leadership of the crime syndicate. He was killed by Wesley.


in the assassin and the empire Celaena describes Farran has having dark eyes and pale skin.


Farran was a twisted, cunning man who had a reputation for being a sadistic, brutal torturer who relished his work; he was also rumoured to rape his female victims. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Farran had no objection to betraying other to obtain power.


The Assassin's Blade

Sam Cortland accepts a contract to kill Farran and Jayne, hoping that the payment will provide enough money for him and Celaena Sardothien to move out of Rifthold and begin their new life together.