I wish you could have heard it—I wish you had been there to hear Pytor conduct the Stygian Suite.

Aelin Galathynius about Pytor - Queen of Shadows

Pytor was a conductor who was murdered by the King of Adarlan for paying tribute to the massacres at Calaculla and Endovier.


Pytor rose to fame for his excellent musical skills. He composed the Stygian Suite, a piece that moved people to tears. At an unknown point, Pytor befriended and mentored Madam Florine, helping her launch her career as a dance instructor and choreographer.[1]

Pytor had a position at the Royal Theater in Rifthold, and would hold performances with his orchestra regularly. After the massacre of slaves at the slave camps Endovier and Calaculla, Pytor made an arrangement with his orchestra and, at a performance for the elite of Adarlan, went out on stage all dressed in black for mourning and performed the songs of various conquered territories, including Eyllwe, Fenharrow and Melisande, as a tribute to those who died. Once the performance was over, Pytor, along with his orchestra, gave the audience a long look and walked off the stage without saying anything. The next morning, the Theater was shut down and Pytor and his orchestra disappeared, killed by the King of Adarlan for their defiance.[2]


Pytor was a very brave man, willing to risk death in order to make a statement about the wrongs committed by Adarlan. He was a kind person, and a brilliant musician.



  • Pytor walked with a hobble, indicating that he might have been an old man.


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