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Ombriel is a young woman in Molly's caravan.


Ombriel is young and beautiful, with raven-black hair, light brown skin, feminine curves, and black eyes.


Little is known about Ombriel's character. She does appear to be someone who values reason and logic, as indicated by her position in the caravan as the money handler and by her arguments for allowing Lorcan and Elide to join the caravan. Ombriel also displays a willingness to ensure the safety of herself and her companions, given her betrayal of Lorcan and Elide.


Empire of Storms

Ombriel listens as Marion inquires about her and Lorcan joining Molly's caravan. She reasons that Marion and Lorcan could benefit the caravan, that they could contribute to the toll and that the sword-throwing act has been vacant since Saul's departure.

Elide later deduces that Ombriel serves the caravan as a money handler.

One night, when the ground is dry enough, Elide and Lorcan are given a tent to sleep in. Ombriel shoots a skeptical look at Lorcan but then impishly remarks that Lorcan and Elide will at last have a night alone together. She cooks rabbit stew for dinner that night.

Lorcan saves Nik and Ombriel from the ilken. He considers killing them to maintain his and Elide's cover, figuring that Ombriel and Nik now have a decent idea of what he is, but he ultimately does not.

Ombriel and Nik eventually betray Lorcan and Elide, hoping to reap a reward or rid themselves of people whom danger seems to dog.

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