Ghislaine Blackbeak is an Ironteeth Witch of the Blackbeak Clan and is a member of The Thirteen.


Ghislaine looks young and beautiful with curly black hair, brown skin, and sea-green eyes.


Most notable among Ghislaine's personality traits is her razor-sharp intelligence. She enjoys reading and researching, and she often serves as a source of information for Manon. If interrupted while reading, she tends to become irritated and snarky. On the battlefield, however, she fights expertly and obediently. Her battle prowess and her brains combined make her a formidable member of the Thirteen.

Her twelve years at mortal school caused her to pick up and cling onto some human behaviors and gestures.

It had been an expectation when Ghislaine's mother had convinced the High Witch to send her daughter to a mortal school in Terrasen a hundred years ago. She had learned magic and book-things and whatever else mortals were taught and while the witch had returned twelve years later, the witch had been...different. Still a Blackbeak, still bloodthirsty, but somehow more human.


Heir of Fire

More to be added.

Queen of Shadows

More to be added.

Empire of Storms

More to be added.

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