Georgina Havilliard is the Queen of Adarlan, wife to the King of Adarlan, and mother of Dorian and Hollin.


Georgina has auburn hair.


Georgina is a very meek person. She is seen to be very docile around her husband and dutifully follows him without saying a word. She shows favoritism among her children, spoiling Hollin and ignoring his tantrums while not paying much attention to Dorian beyond looking for a wife for him.

Georgina is thought of as flippant by the people of Adarlan, as she ignores her husband's actions and the state of her kingdom


Georgina married the Havilliard King of Adarlan, later giving birth to two sons. As Dorian, her elder son, reaches a certain age, Georgina is eager to get him a betrothed and is quite keen on the idea of Kaltain Rompier reaching this position, despite her non-royal, though wealthy heritage. She did not die when the glass castle shattered and she and Hollin Havilliard were given the order by Dorian to remain at thier mountain residence in Ararat.

Throne of Glass

More to be added.


Hollin Havilliard

Georgina seems to be concerned and very caring about her younger son, to the point of ignoring his trantrums and spoiling him greatly, even more than Dorian.

Dorian Havilliard

Georgina doesn't pay Dorian much attention other than looking fir a wife for him.

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