Fleetfoot is Aelin Ashryver's dog, gifted to her by Dorian Havilliard.


Fleetfoot was given as a Yulemas gift from prince Dorian to Celaena.[1] Princess Nehemia Ytger often looked after her.

Crown of Midnight

Fleetfoot jumps through a portal to another world when Celaena opens the portal to try and speak with Nehemia.

Heir of Fire

When Celaena is in Wendlyn, Dorian looks after her. When Dorian reveals his magic to the King of Adarlan, Chaol escapes, taking Fleetfoot with him.

Queen of Shadows

Celaena, now Aelin, and Fleetfoot are reunited when Rowan is taken to a country home in Oakwald Forest to be patched up by a midwife.

Empire of Storms

Fleetfoot is left in Terrasen with Evangeline and Murtaugh Allsbrook.


Fleetfoot is quite cautious of strangers and does not like to be touched or stroked by anyone other than Celaena/Aelin. Fleetfoot is also good friends with Evangeline.

Physical description

Fleetfoot is a big dog, with golden fur and bright eyes.




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