Elide Lochan is the daughter of Cal and Marion Lochan, rightful Lady of Perranth and a member of the Blackbeak Witch-Clan.


Early Life

Elide was a shy child, and was always kept in a tower after Terrasen's downfall. She is the only child born to Lady Marion (Evalin's first lady) and Cal Lochan, the Lord of Perranth.

After the King of Adarlan had slain Rhoe, Evalin and Orlon, her mother Lady Marion sacrificed herself to save Princess Aelin. Her father Cal Lochan worked as a rebel leader against Adarlan, and was executed shortly thereafter.

Her uncle Vernon - Cal's younger brother - was assigned to be her caretaker. Vernon was very cruel, which was evident when he watched his own brother's execution and stole his title as Lord of Perranth. A few years into his wardenship of Elide, she fell down a flight of stairs and badly injured her ankle. Her uncle however, not trusting any healers, refused to have her ankle looked at, causing her to be permanently crippled.

Queen of Shadows

Ten years later, Vernon brought Elide to Morath with him, as he acted as an advisor to Duke Perrington. In Morath, Vernon assigned Elide to be a servant and had her legs chained, preventing her from running away and making her limp even more pronounced.

Elide played the act of a timid and frightened girl, but spent her time at Morath secretly looking for ways to escape. The heir of the Blackbeak coven Manon Blackbeak first encountered Elide whilst she was cleaning the fireplace. Elide continued her demure act, although Manon saw through this and assumed Elide was a spy; Elide tries to assure Manon that she is not a spy by informing her she is unable to read. However, after cutting Elide and tasting her blood, Manon confirmed that Elide had witch blood.

After Asterin discovers this as well, Manon demands Elide act as a spy for the Thirteen, and offers her protection in exchange. Elide, as a servant, has access to the rooms in which the Yellowleg witches were being kept to breed demons (unbeknownst to Manon at the time).

From this point on, Elide stays in Manon's room and continues to plan her escape. However, when Manon and the Thirteen are called to the Oakwald Forest, Vernon takes the opportunity to capture Elide and lock her in the dungeons. He informs her that he knows of her witch blood, and he is planning on using her for a breeding experiment—the same way the Yellowlegs witches were used.

As Elide is being taken to be implanted, Manon finds her and slaughters all the guards who were manhandling her. Her and Manon then run, only to be stopped by Kaltain, who informs them that she destroyed the Valg prince who was inhabiting her body and plans to help them. She gives Elide the Wyrdkey that Perrington had put inside her arm and makes her promise to deliver it to Celaena Sardothien. Elide promises, and then her and Manon run to the aerie.

Manon and Elide barely escape the blast as Kaltain uses her powers to blow up a third of Morath. However, when they finally land safely, Manon informs Elide that the King of Adarlan has been killed by Aelin Galathynius. Elide thanks Manon for saving her life, and sets off with the Wyrdkey to be reunited with her queen and her court.

Lorcan and elide

Elide and Lorcan.

Empire of Storms

Since escaping from Morath, Elide has been wandering through the woods in an attempt to find Queen Aelin. This is where she runs into Lorcan Salvaterre—Maeve's second-in-command who is hunting down the Wyrdkeys (one of which is in Elide's possession). After discovering that Elide is from Morath, Lorcan strikes a deal: he will protect her, and in return, she will give him every detail he needs to get into Morath.

Along the way, they run into a carnival troupe. Lorcan and Elide pose as husband and wife and join the troupe, so they can better blend in.


Elide is described to be cunning, smart, and deceptive. She can't read, but that only propels her to achieve more. She has a courageous heart and lives to serve the Queen of Terassen.


Elide has a pale, triangular face, onyx eyes, and long black hair. She has a crippled foot, described as a mass of glossy scar tissue which is connected to the other with a chain that stops her from ever trying to escape. According to Vernon, Perrington, and Elide herself, she looks almost strikingly similar to Kaltain. Elide has full chest, but she binds it to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

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