King Dorian Havilliard is the first-born son of Georgina Havilliard and the late King of Adarlan. He is also Hollin Havilliard's elder brother.


Throne of Glass

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, going by Celaena Sardothien, Adarlan's Assassin, is sent to bow before Dorian after having been retrieved by Chaol Westfall from the salt mines of Endovier. During this encounter, Dorian informs Celaena of his plans for her: his father has made the decision to host a tournament to determine the new royal Champion of Adarlan, and she is to compete as Dorian's competitor and to win the contest, therefore officially becoming the royal Champion. If Celaena wins and serves the King, she will earn her freedom at the end of her contract in six years. As an extra incentive, Dorian offers to bargain with his father for a four-year contract instead. Celaena is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees after hearing Dorian's proposal and the true prize of winning. Dorian releases her from the mines and brings her along with himself and his court to Rifthold.[1]

During the progression of the Tournament, Dorian develops a friendship, and gradually, romantic relationship with the assassin. In the end, however, when she wins his father's tournament, she shortly breaks it off with him as she believes that their relationship wouldn't be suitable given their circumstances.

Crown of Midnight

Dorian's cousin, Roland, moves to Rifthold to accept a position in the Royal Council. Dorian harbours a great distaste for Roland, although he treats him with the necessary formalities. While giving him a tour of the castle and its grounds, they run into Celaena and Chaol, who are on their morning run. He introduces Celaena to Roland as Lillian Gordaina. When Chaol becomes aggressive, Dorian recognizes the signals and avoids confrontation by leaving with Roland.[2]

At Hollin's welcoming dinner, he notices the look Celaena and Chaol exchange, and he decides to let Celaena go.

At a ball (thrown for Hollin), he slips away from the crowd for a brief time and spies Celaena and Chaol dancing in the garden. He feels a pang of jealousy and sadness as he watches them. While he looks on, Nehemia approaches him and asks about Celaena; Dorian responds that he has let her go. Nehemia then broaches the subject of Calaculla, as the council is debating whether to increase the number of slaves there and Roland has prohibited her from attending to weigh in. She implores him to oppose the plan, and while Dorian hates the plan, he fears confronting his father. Before leaving to re-join the party, Nehemia places a finger on his chest, telling him that there is an ancient power inside, and that when it awakes, she will help him. At this, Dorian feels some power stir inside him, but he does not understand Nehemia's mysterious message.[2]

At the council meeting, the plan for the Calaculla labor camp is discussed. Most of the council supports the suggested action; Dorian, however, does not. Remembering what Nehemia said to him, he argues that the new slaves will need living quarters. When Roland rebutts that they could simply build more structures or use some old buildings, Dorian vehemently insists that the way to curb rebellion is not through oppression. He then storms out of the conference room and heads down a hall to cool down. Finally, in a secluded hallway, Dorian's rage boils over and he punches the wall. He is flabbergasted when the stone cracks under the blow and the nearby window shatters, but he is left untouched; he vomits in shock.

Thereafter, Dorian spends much of his time exploring his new abilities.[2]

Heir of Fire

After getting injured while using his magic, Dorian goes to the healers, and meets a young healer named Sorscha, who heals his wounds. She becomes suspicious about his injuries and he tells her that he is a magic wielder. She agrees to help him control his magic. Soon their relationship becomes romantic and they become lovers. Unfortunately for her, and him, their relationship is short-lived and results in a chain of destructive events, one of which leads him to being possessed by a Valg prince, using a Wyrdstone collar and Sorscha being beheaded for treason. [3]

Queen of Shadows

Dorian remains imprisoned in his own body. Due to the Wyrdstone collar that has been placed around his neck by his father, a Valg Prince has gained possession of control over his entire body. Aelin aspires to kill him throughout a large portion of the time Dorian is enslaved. However, after meeting Dorian, Manon discovers that the Valg Prince has not yet fully taken over his entire existence and informs Aelin, leading her to veer towards the other direction instead of killing him and to eventually save him from the Valg Prince.[4]

Dorian, with the help of Aelin, eventually destroys the prince inside him and the collar, regaining control of his own body. He kills his father and brings the glass castle down, unveiling the stone castle beneath it, and is ultimately crowned King of Adarlan.

Empire of Storms

More to be added.

Personality and traits

Before meeting Celaena, Dorian is a vain heartbreaker, a puppet of his tyrannical father. He is something of a flirt, but as time goes on, he departs from this lustful lifestyle, even turning down a party invitation from Aedion Ashryver.

Dorian is compassionate. This sympathy for others heightens over time, especially after seeing the conditions in Endovier. This compassion, combined with outrage and blossoming courage, pushes him to stand up to his father and many other important officials.

Dorian is also bright, having a curious mind and a love of reading. He is adept at solving problems and will search for the answers to questions even if no one else can or will help. He also possesses a great deal of loyalty, as he goes out of his way and endangers himself to protect his friends. As Aelin also does, he enjoys reading books, playing with puppies, and sword fighting.

Physical description

Dorian is tall and lean with raven-black hair. His eyes are a sapphire blue that Celaena describes as "strikingly blue, the colour of the waters of the southern countries." Dorian has well-groomed dark eyebrows, and is very handsome. After having the Wyrdstone collar removed, Dorian has a scar on his neck.[4]


Dorian didn't just have magic - he had raw magic. The rarest, and deadliest kind. Sheer, undiluted power, capable of being shaped into whatever form the wielder desired.

Heir of Fire

  • Magic: Dorian possesses powerful, raw magical ability. He has been observed so far using magically enhanced strength, and creating ice.


Dorian first met Aelin when they were children, prior to the conquest of Terrasen. His memories of that meeting remained hazy, but he remembered her as a precocious, wild girl, who had asked her older cousin, Aedion Ashryver, to teach Dorian a lesson after he had spilt tea on her.

The two of them develop a bond during the royal tournament, and within this period of time Dorian shares a friendly relationship with her, showering her with numerous gifts: books, sweets and a pet dog. They even share multiple kisses, although at the end Aelin rejects him, believing that they do not have any chances for a future, as Dorian is the Crown Prince of Adarlan.

Afterward, she and Dorian remain close friends. Each cares deeply about the other's safety, and they come to one another for advice.

Chaol and Dorian have been best friends since early childhood, when Chaol had arrived at Rifthold with his father as the heir of Anielle. However, after Adarlan expanded their territories and the tribes of White Fang Mountains ceased to attack Anielle, Chaol's family was ready to leave back to their home. In order not to leave his best friend and Rifthold, Chaol decided to reject his noble title and was chosen to become the King's Captain of the Guard. Chaol has called Dorian his "best friend" and also said he loved him.

Sorscha had a crush on Dorian for six years, since she came to the Glass Castle, but she was certain that a relationship would never happen. However, Dorian took notice of her when he visited her to have some wounds bound. He recognizes her and asks for her name. When she tends another wound of Dorian's shortly afterward, he asks about her life, then sends a messenger the next day for tell him where her village was so he could mark it on his personal map of Erilea.

Sorscha later discovers that Dorian had magic powers and began helping him learn to control it. A relationship blossomed, and Dorian and Sorscha become lovers. Following the purge at Calaculla, Dorian, concerned for Sorscha's safety, panics and attempts to offer her money and supplies so she can flee, but Sorscha refuses, insisting that they stay together. Chaol and Aedion work on an escape plan for Dorian and Sorscha so they can leave the King behind together.

Eventually, Sorscha is revealed to have leaked information about the king to the rebels. Dorian attempts to bargain with the king for his lover's life, but the king callously beheads Sorscha, causing Dorian to fly into a fit of rage and grief and unleash his powers.

Dorian has a strained relationship with his father. For a long time, he disagreed with the King of Adarlan's brutality but remained silent so as not to anger him. One of the reasons Dorian yielded to his father was his desire to keep his spoiled brother, Hollin, from being named heir, as he believed Hollin would make a poor or even evil ruler, especially under the instruction of their father.

After the King's Tournament, Dorian begins to display some level of defiance towards his father. This attitude intensifies when Dorian, after a conversation with Nehemia, loses his temper in the council meeting about increasing the number of slaves in Calaculla and angrily tells the council that oppressing the conquered peoples will only spark more rebellions and create more rebel sympathizers. When Dorian learns of Chaol and Aedion's involvement with the rebel movement, he does not inform his father, but tells the two men to leave him out of it.

While Dorian works with Sorscha to control his magic, a romance blossoms between them - a romance that they must keep secret. After the slaughters at Endovier and Calaculla, Dorian begs Sorscha to leave the palace for fear of what his father will do if he discovers that Sorscha has been helping him, although she refuses to leave him. When the King discovers that Sorscha has been passing information about himself to the rebels, he orders Sorscha to be killed. Dorian screams in protest, and when Sorscha is killed, he loses control of his magic and attacks. The King then enslaves his eldest son with a Wyrdstone collar, which allows a demon to possess Dorian.

While Dorian and Georgina's relationship is far less strained than Dorian and the King's, tension still exists between Dorian and his mother. He attends her parties, although he finds them dull; however, he may do this out of decorum rather than actual desire to be with her. Dorian also disapproves of Georgina's spoiling of Hollin, as it feeds into the boy's unpleasant personality. To Dorian's frustration, Georgina pressures him to find a wife, even going so far as to have a list of eligible ladies composed for him. Nevertheless, Georgina appears to care for Dorian, albeit in a rather shallow manner.

Fleetfoot is the pup of one of Dorian's dogs, who escaped and mated with an unknown male to conceive the litter that produced Fleetfoot. Dorian originally plans on painlessly putting the pup down because of her antisocial temperament, but at Celaena's bequest he promises to spare her life and find her a home. Dorian indeed places the pup in a home by giving her to Celaena as a Yulemas gift. When Celaena goes on her mission to Wendlyn, Dorian vows to look after Fleetfoot until she returns.

Manon, not knowing why she cares, visits Dorian after asking Asterin about love, hinting a future romance between the two. The two later meet again and continue to tease each other, leading into a romance between the two. After a few weeks of teasing, romance, and kissing, Dorian walks into Manon's room. Manon tells Dorian to "finish what he started". It is inferred that "what he started", was a night where they had kissed and Dorian had left saying "I'm not finished with you yet". Following, this, the two have sex.



  • In the original version of Throne of Glass, Dorian's family name was DeHavilliard.
  • Gavin Havilliard is Dorian's hero.
  • Dorian breeds dogs.
  • "Dorian stole a berry pie from the castle kitchens when he was 11, ate the whole thing, & was sick for a day" - Sarah J. Maas
  • Some characters have remarked that Dorian's room is very untidy; Dorian states that his is because he does not want the servants to move things around, making it difficult for him to find them again.


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