Deanna is also known as: Lady of the Hunt, Lady of the Maidens, Mistress of the Night, Keeper of the Moon, and "the Huntress and Protector of the Young". She is one of the main deities present in Erilea, being the original Goddess of the Moon.

The books have some controversy to whether she is in fact Mab. It was mentioned in Heir of Fire that Mab was proclaimed a goddess, Deanna. However she may have just become the image of the goddess. It is certain from the books though, that Mab and Deanna are described as one being.

The Goddess that possessed Aelin in Empire of Storms was in fact Deanna.


Deanna is depicted as crowned with a star, and armed with a bow and a golden arrow.

While Deanna possessed Aelin, it was shown that her eyes where a different colour to Aelin's, as mentioned by Rowan:

"And her eyes...

Turquoise burned bright... around a core of silver. No hint of gold to be found."


Deanna has always been the Goddess of the Moon, and the eternal rival and sister of Mala Fire-Bringer, although Aelin has stated that they probably have been working together the whole time. Both goddesses have watched over Aelin throughout her whole life.

Throne of Glass

During the Yulemas celebration, the young girl representing Deanna gives Celeana her gift (a golden arrow).

Crown of Midnight

Chaol Westfall states that Mab had been made into a goddess, known as Deanna, Lady of the Hunt. He remembers a memory of Celaena feeling uncomfortable at recieving the golden arrow of Deanna, of her great-grandmother Mab.  

Heir of Fire

Chaol muses on Celaena's skills as being similar in her Ashryver bloodline, with Aedion- due to their great-grandmother being Mab, who was crowned as Deanna in the recent generations.

Celaena states that although Mab was immortalised into godhood thanks to Maeve, Mala had a sister in the moon long before Mab took her place. Rowan tells her that Deanna was the original goddess, and mortals had given her some of Mab's traits.  

Queen of Shadows

In Queen of Shadows, Aelin decides to gift Nesryn the arrow of solid gold, which she specifically mentions being a blessing from Deanna, her own ancestor

Empire of Storms

During the fifth book, Deanna appeared in Skulls Bay, through Aelin.

While Aelin was delving deep into her well of magic, the third Wyrdkey inside the Amulet of Orynth around her neck merged with her magic. Deanna happened to be waiting in the temporary Wyrdgate at that moment, which opened due to Aelin's contact with the Wyrdkey. She entered through the Amulet of Orynth and possessed Aelin. In Aelin's body, she proceeded to uncover a deeper well of power granted by her sister Mala Fire-Bringer, as Mala's blood flowing in Aelin's veins gave them access to Mala'a reserve of power.

Deanna converted all Aelin's standard Fire Magic into Moon-Fire. It was mentioned as being the cold white light stolen from the stars. Rowan also noted that the fire would be so cold it burned.

The goddess had decided that instead of obliterating Morath's forces, she would destroy Rolfe's fleet and the inhabitants of Skulls' Bay. Rowan's interference in Deanna's path forced Aelin to take back her body, and she quickly diverted her power, obliterating most of Morath's fleet.

From her actions, it is presumed that she had not been watching Aelin her whole life, but like a spider, she had been hunting her, waiting for the opportunity that Aelin 'gave' her at Skull's Bay to possess both Aelin and her power. 

When Aelin answers from Elena, the latter tells Aelin that Deanna is a Goddess, having different codes and morals to mortals. Later on in the book, Aelin presumes that Deanna's possession of her was a reminder that she belonged to the gods, was promised to them, the Wyrdkeys and the Wyrdgate


She, along with the other gods have been mentioned to possess the following abilities:

  • Omnipresence - She, along with the other gods are able to spread their beings to vast distances, and be present in multiple areas in the world at once.
  • Immortality - She is a Goddess, and a being of higher existence, to whom time is fluid. It was also mentioned in Empire of Storms that Deanna was immortal, so it's assumed that all the gods are immortal, and cannot be killed.