When you were a witchling, your father searched the lands for you. He never stopped loving your mother. Loving her. And loving you. So I killed him.

–The Blackbeak Matron to Manon - Empire of Storms

The Crochan Prince was a rare-born male Crochan who was the son of Rhiannon Crochan, the last Crochan Queen.


116 years before the events of Throne of Glass, the Prince met Lothian and they fell in love. The two conspired to end the feud between the Witch species and break the curse on the Witch Kingdom. However, when the Blackbeak Matron learned of their plans and Lothian's pregnancy, she killed her daughter after Manon's birth.

Years later the Prince came looking for his daughter, and was killed by the Matron.

Empire of Storms

The Matron reveals to Manon what happened to her parents, telling her that the Prince's despair was delicious as she told him what she'd done to Lothian, and what she would make Manon into.[1]


The Prince was a very loyal and devoted man, who spent most of his life looking for his daughter Manon. He loved Lothian Blackbeak very much.


  • The Prince is described as rare-born, implying that not many male Crochans exist.


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