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Cormac was a human inhabited by a Valg prince.


Cormac was a redhead who possessed unearthly beauty, but his green eyes were distant and cold.


Prior to his possession by a Valg prince, he was an allegedly cruel man; this evil was then further amplified by the Valg prince's influence. Vernon once remarked that as a human, Cormac took pleasure in "playing with" women, indicating that he was a pervert.


Queen of Shadows

At some point, an acquaintance of Cormac's sells him out to Perrington and Vernon by revealing his magical lineage.

When Vernon explains to Elide that she will be implanted, Cormac is with him. The Valg prince allows tendrils of darkness to curl from him, but Vernon tells him to stop because toying with Elide now would "make [her] no fun tomorrow"; Cormac obeys. As he and Vernon depart the cell, Elide mentally calls him her betrothed, though the thought evoked disgust and fear in her.

The following day, Kaltain impersonates Elide, and the guards lead her into the implantation room. Cormac watches as a guard restrains Kaltain and approaches her with a knife. Before the implantation can begin, Kaltain unleashes her shadowfire, killing everyone in the room, including Cormac.


  • Cormac may have been Hinsol Cormac, one of Arobynn Hamel's most loyal investors and clients and the co-owner of a business with Arobynn. When Aelin infiltrated the glass castle to rescue Aedion, she disguised herself as Hinsol Cormac, dyeing her hair red, and answered to Cormac's name while in this disguise.

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