Connall is Fenrys's twin brother. Connall is described as strong and both he and Fenrys were stronger than males centuries older than themselves at a young age.


Connall is described as dark-haired and as beautiful as his twin brother.


Connall is described as the dark to his brother's light, the quiet to his brother's loud and the thoughtful to his brother's recklessness.


Before the Story

When Connall was thirty, he went with Fenrys to Doranelle to meet Queen Maeve. Connall took the blood oath to Maeve after Fenrys refused, and was forced to be her lover. Fenrys, in turn, was forced to take the blood oath to Maeve after he discovered what Connall had done and replace his brother as her lover to take Maeve's attention from Connall.

Heir of Fire

Connall, along with the rest of the cadre, responds to Rowan's plea for help defending Mistward Keep. When the cadre arrives, they encounter Celaena Sardothien (Aelin) locked in battle with Narrok and the other Valg Princes. Celaena forms a pathway through her flames so that the cadre can reach Mistward Keep.

When Aelin and Rowan arrive in Doranelle, Connall and his brother are the ones who force Rowan to his knees and hold him down as Gavriel and Lorcan whip him, to force Aelin to tell Maeve what she knows.

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