Current Members


Former Members

Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius
Lorcan Salvaterre

The Cadre is a group of Fae warriors blood-sworn to the Fae Queen Maeve.


The Cadre exists to serve the Fae Queen Maeve. Each member is sworn to Maeve by a Blood Oath which grants her complete control over them.


It is unknown exactly how old the Cadre is, or who the first member was.

Heir of Fire

After Mistward is attacked by the Valg, Rowan Whitethorn calls the Cadre to help him. They all arrive and help fight off the demons, even though they risk angering Maeve.


  • Former Members
    • Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius: Rowan joined centuries prior to Throne of Glass. After the death of his 'mate' Lyria Rowan wondered aimlessly until 'he was found by Lorcan, the leader of a band of warriors. Lorcan offered him a place in the group, and Rowan accepted, which led to him swearing the Blood Oath to Maeve.
    • Lorcan Salvaterre: It is unknown when Lorcan swore the Blood Oath, however it is widely known that he is in love with Maeve and swore the oath to be close to her.
    • Gavriel: It is unknown when Gavriel swore the oath though he swore after taking to soldiering as he was the youngest of three brothers and would therefore inherit no land.
  • Current Members
    • Fenrys: Fenrys swore the Blood Oath to protect his brother Connall, who was being used by Maeve as a bedroom partner. Fenrys took his place, and hates being under Maeve's control.
    • Connall: Connall swore the Oath to Maeve thinking it would bring him glory, but was instead forced to serve as Maeve's slave. His twin brother Fenrys took his place.
    • Vaughan: Not much is known about Vaughan except that he is the quietest of the cadre and never wastes time on words.
    • Cairn: Cairn is Maeve's current 2nd. He is a sadistic male who replaced Rowan when he left.


  • Lorcan and Gavriel were dismissed from the cadre without honor in Empire of Storms.
    • Fenrys is forced to remain in Maeve's service as punishment, since she knows he hates her and the Oath.

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