Blackbeak Clan


Witch Clan




Ironteeth Witches


Blackbeak Matron


Manon Blackbeak (former)


Heir of Fire
Queen of Shadows

The Blackbeak Clan is one of the three Ironteeth Witch Clans they follow the mantra of “Obedience, Discipline, Brutality.”

Its Matron is the Blackbeak Matron, mother to Lothian Blackbeak and grandmother to Manon Blackbeak. Manon was the heir to the Blackbeak Clan until she defied her grandmother and was cast out, the current heir is unknown.

Among the Blackbeak Clan black eyes flecked with gold were a sign of good luck. It is later revealed as the eyes of the Valg; eyes of the Valg Princes' masters.

The crescent moon is called the 'Crone's Sickle', the new moon the 'Shadow of the Crone' and the full moon the 'Mother's Full Womb'.

Known Members

bold - Matron
italics - Member of the Thirteen

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