The death of the Eye Eater yesterday had been fortunate in one aspect: one less man to compete with.

Celaena Sardothien

Bill Chastain, otherwise known as the Eye Eater was one the candidates for the King's Champion. He is the first candidate to be killed by the Ridderak.


Throne of Glass

Bill Chastain is chosen to be one on the twenty-three competitors for the role of the King's Champion. This role would perform the King of Adarlan's dirty work.

Like all of the other champions, Bill is present during Brullo's training sessions. He was given a long manacle during the run around the game park.

He is later killed by the Ridderak one day before the first test. His body was destroyed and his insides were missing from his body. Chaol investigates the cause of the murder during the next days, but is unable to come to a conclusion.

Physical description

He has mousy brown hair, tan skin and is of average height. His mouth has multiple scars.[1]

After the attack by the Ridderak, Bill's corpse was completely destroyed. It's innards and brain were missing from the body.[2]


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