Asterion horses are a breed of horse. They are extremely valuable.


Asterion horses have slender snouts and high tails. They are very elegantly built, and their coats come in various colors.


Asterion horses appear to behave as an ordinary horse would. They can be trained to be ridden.


Creation Myth

The tale of the creation of the Asterion horses purports that the Fae made them from the four winds - spirit from the north, strength from the south, speed from the east, and wisdom from the west. Asterions are believed to be a very old breed.


Asterion horses are regarded as valuable commodities for their endurance and beauty. Celaena Sardothien mentions that they are "worth their weight in gold".[1] Because Asterion pedigrees are traced through the mares, females fetch higher prices than males. As such, they are almost exclusively owned by the very wealthy.

Known Asterion Horses


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