Asterin Blackbeak is an Ironteeth witch of the Blackbeak Clan and Manon Blackbeak's cousin, often holding the position of Second in Manon's coven, the Thirteen.


Asterin is described as beautifully wild with golden hair and gold-flecked black eyes. While over a hundred years old, she appears to only be in her mid 20's. Additionally, she has sharp, retractable iron nails and teeth, common to Ironteeth witches.


Wild and thrill-seeking, Asterin relishes the wind in her face. Her temperament is often described as the fire to Manon's ice and balanced by Sorrel Blackbeak's stone. She grins wickedly and roars while riding her wyvern, one of her few joys. Outspoken and opinionated, she is willing to stand up to her coven leader, Manon, regardless of any repercussions, but values Manon and her safety above all else.


Heir of Fire

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Queen of Shadows

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Manon Blackbeak

Asterin and Manon are cousins, both descending from the Blackbeak Matron's line. Fiercely devoted to Manon, Asterin serves as her Second for well over a hundred years, defending her against other witches and even the Blackbeak Matron herself. Following Manon's rescue of Dorian Havillard during the plundering of Rifthold, Asterin chooses to sacrifice her own life rather than expose Manon's secrets to the covens. However, Manon's love for her and the Thirteen prompts her to fight the Blackbeak Matron so that Asterin and the others can escape.

The Hunter

While tracking Cochrans to the west of the White Fangs, Asterin attempted to fly over a storm and subsequently fell off her broom, destroying her broom and gravely injuring herself. A passing hunter witnessed her fall from the stormy sky and, over the course of several months, nursed her back to health and fell in love with her. Following her summoning to Blackbeak Keep, Asterin soon realized she was pregnant and tried to return to the Hunter but was prohibited from doing so by the Blackbeak Matron. When she gave birth to a stillborn witchling, the Matron branded Asterin and brutally beat her to near death. Ashamed, Asterin could never bring herself to return to the Hunter, despite her promise to, in fear that he would not be able to understand what had happened during her absence. In the years to follow, she witnessed him age into an old man, watching the sky as if waiting for something. When he died, Asterin searched for his body but to no avail.