A wide variety of animals live in the Throne of Glass universe. Many of these animals exist in the real world, but many others are fictitious.

Real-World Animals

Several real-world animals have been encountered in the Throne of Glass universe.

  • Canids:
    • Dogs. The King of Adarlan kept many dogs in expansive kennels at the glass castle. His son Dorian spent a great deal of time in these kennels caring for the dogs. As a Yulemas gift, Dorian presented Celaena with a puppy whose life she had begged him to spare (the pup had an odd temperament, and Dorian had planned to euthanize her); Celaena named her Fleetfoot.
    • Wolves. Fenrys's and Conall's animal forms are wolves; Aedion Ashryver's sobriquet is the "Wolf of the North"; Celaena wonders if Fleetfoot might be part wolf.
    • Foxes.
  • Felids:
    • Cats (house cats).Lysandra revealed her shape-shifting abilities to her mother by transforming into a hissing tabby cat after being startled. Aelin also said that Rowan was "no better than a house cat", indicating that cats are domesticated and kept as pets in the Throne of Glass universe.
    • Mountain lions.
  • Birds:
    • Crows.Lysandra briefly changed into a crow while journeying to Terrasen with Aelin's court.
    • Ravens.
    • Songbirds.
    • Hawks.A white-tailed hawk (later revealed to be Rowan in his animal form) perched on a chimney in Varese.
    • Ospreys.
    • Vultures.
    • Eagles. Chaol's sword had an eagle-shaped pommel.
    • Pheasants. Pheasant is often served at feasts.
    • Chickens. Chicken is a common food in the Throne of Glass universe.
  • Bats. Celaena studied bats to absorb their silence and focus under the instruction of the Mute Master.
  • Rodents.
    • Rats. After Celaena killed Yrene's attackers behind the White Pig in Innish, the rats gathered around the corpses to devour the flesh.
    • Rabbits. While under the tutelage of the Mute Master, Celaena spent considerable time observing jackrabbits to learn their stillness, speed, dexterity, and acute senses.
    • Squirrels. Chaol pointed out that the Endovier guards could shoot a squirrel from two hundred paces away.
    • Mice.
  • Insects:
    • Beetles. Desert beetles were among the animals the Mute Master made Celaena study during her training with him.
  • Horses. As in the real world, horses in the Throne of Glass universe serve as mounts and pack animals. People ride them or use them to pull carriages, carts, and the like.
  • Bears. Aedion mentions that there are bears in the Staghorn Mountains.
  • Even-toed ungulates:
    • Deer.
    • Pigs.
    • Cattle.
    • Goats.
    • Sheep.
  • Spiders.
  • Snakes.
  • Fish.

Fictional Animals

There are also several fantastic animals in the Throne of Glass universe. Some of these animals possess magical powers or even the power of speech.

  • Wyverns.
  • Ghost leopards.
  • Asterion horses. Asterion horses are prized for their beauty and endurance. As such, they command high prices in the market; therefore, only nobles and other wealthy citizens can afford to purchase them. Their pedigrees are traced through the females, and mares are more valuable than stallions.
  • Ridderak.
  • Firebirds. Emrys told a story involving a firebird. Whether or not they are real in the Throne of Glass universe is unknown.
  • Stygian spiders.
  • Skinwalkers. Aelin and Rowan were attacked and pursued by a pack of skinwalkers in Heir of Fire.
  • Ruks
  • Ilken. Ilken are Valg creatures created by King Erawan in Morath that were hunters and scouts. Their skin is a mottled blue, so dark as to be almost black. They have long, lightly muscled limbs that had been ruthlessly crafted and honed with massive, flesh-shredding claws at the end of their five-fingered hands. They also appear to have smashed in, bat-like noses, double rows of needlelike teeth and they stand on their hind legs. Lorcan and Elide were ambushed by ilken multiple times in Empire of Storms, along with Aelin and her company.
  • Wyrdhounds.