Amithy was a healer at the Glass Palace in Rifthold.


Throne of Glass

Amithy and Sorscha tend to Celaena Sardothien's wounds after the final round of the tournament.[1]

Heir of Fire

Amithy frequently antagonizes Sorscha for a variety of things, from her work to her looks. Amithy scolds Sorscha after discovering the mess—which, unbeknownst to Amithy, Prince Dorian caused—in Sorscha's workroom, then reminds her that healers are not to consort with their patients outside of their duties.

Amithy later betrays Sorscha to the King of Adarlan. She fetches Dorian and Sorscha both, telling them that the king wants to see them in his chambers. She goes with them and looks on as the scene unfolds.[2]

Queen of Shadows

During Aedion Ashryver's captivity in the Glass Palace, Amithy is called to tend to his wounds in order to prevent him from dying before his execution. She is later killed when Aelin destroys the Palace—as a result of the shattered glass—along with other servants in the building.[3]

Personality and traits

Amithy's personality is well-represented by her looks: she is strict, cold-hearted, and rigid.

Physical description

Amithy is an older woman with sharp, severe features: a tight bun, a harsh face, and long, bony fingers.[2]


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